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Great people! Everyone is so kind and easy to talk to. The front office staff is kind and professional and very efficient. The doctor and NP are GREAT and are very good at listening and considering all options that are best for their patient! Thank you guys!

      - A.T.


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Specializing in Outpatient Psychiatry and Addiction 

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I have been a patient of Dr. Pittman for a couple of years and highly recommend her.  I have a history of depression and adult ADHD and have seen a few other Psychiatrist during the years for treatment.  She has been the most helpful and easiest to share with honestly and get helpful feedback.

      - E.S.


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Absolute wonderful staff. What a great office. Love the friendly staff and great doctors. Very helpful staff with any questions I had.

      - S.H.

Dr. Pittman is the best doctor and a wonderful, caring human being. Her medical knowledge is excellent and she cares about me in every way! She is my only one doctor who doesn’t just fill me up with pills and let me go. She is interested in my problems and very encouraging in my progress. I am so grateful to her! I don’t even mind that driving to her and back home is almost 2 hours! Rodrick is the most beautiful and caring and kind and loving person I have ever met. He is always there for me! 

      - B.M.